Payphone History

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United Kingdom

oz-AB_Box_2.jpg (42420 bytes) bcc700.jpg (8786 bytes)
A and B Button Box Coin Telephone 700 (1971) Coin Telephone 735 (1975) Coin Telephone 725 (1978)
uk-ct600-2.jpg (72473 bytes)
Coin Telephone 22B (1978) Coin Telephone 23 (1983) Coin Telephone 6000 Coin Telephone 800

Phonecard (German Landis and Gyr) GPT Marconi Sapphire GPT Marconi Neptune Contour Series
Landis & Gyr Pulsar 50
Misc. units

British Kiosks
K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8


easyphone.jpg (165158 bytes) OZ-CT3.jpg (7798 bytes)
Long Tom Variable Tariff Coin Telephone 1 The Easiphone Coin Telephone 3
Red.jpg (62138 bytes)
The Redphone The Bluephone The Goldphone
aus-report2002_2.jpg (80660 bytes) Payphone
Creditphone Amper Cardphone Multimedia Phone Australian Phonebox history


pink phone red phone blue phone pink phone 2


Fernwahlm├╝nzfernsprecher 56
Coin Telephone 28 (1930) Table Coin Telephone 33 (1933) Coin Telephone 50 (1950) Coin Telephone 56 (1956)
Clubtelefon 1
Coin Telephone 57 (1957) Coin Telephone 63 (1963) Club Telephone 1 (CT88) Club Telephone 5
Coin Telephone 21 (1980)

Italy France

IPM Payphones general overview IPM Rotor2000 Schlumberger GT-200 and GT-500


TTC Housing Image
3 Slot Tatung QuorTech (formerly Elcotel) COCOT Phones Protel COCOT Phones
(a picture) (a pay phone) (a picture)
QuorTech (formerly Nortel) Millenium AT&T Public Phone 2000 Intellicall Western Electric Fortress
Western Electric Charge-A-Call Northern Telecom Centurion Automatic Electric/GTE Fortress


INT 200 Cardphone
Intracom 200 Cardphone

Russia Denmark

agt69.jpg (7899 bytes)
Perm Telephone Factory Ascom Nordic

Articles -list of phonecard manufacturers by country
-The changing face of public payphones
-Chinese competitors to Schlumberg and Marconi.
Telephone Tokens

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